Advertising Opportunities

The TGA consists of more than 169,000 individual members who belong to one of our 581+ member facilities. We provide a comprehensive strategy to help our advertising partners reach the Texas golf market using a variety of marketing solutions.

Exclusive eBlast

Our most effective marketing piece, the Exclusive eBIast positions your special offer front and center to more than 165,000 TGA Members, who have all opted-in for these emails. With our Exclusive eBlasts, you’ll capture the undivided attention of high-wealth Texas golfers in every corner of the state.

GHIN Mobile App Ad

The official mobile app of the Golf Handicap Information Network* (GHIN), an exclusive service offered by the USGA, is the go-to spot for TGA Members to post their scores. More than 85% of the Membership utilizes the GHIN Mobile App to keep their GHIN Handicap Index updated. The app also has in-game features, such as GPS and green-reading heat maps.

Lone Star Golf  Digital Magazine

Since 2014, our digital magazine has been the Official Publication of the TGA Six times a year (every other month), Lone Star Golf is deployed to more than 190,000 golf-obsessed Texas Golfers, including about 20,000 non-Members who opted in to receive the magazine via social media. Filled with exclusive content for our members, Lone Star Golf shines a spotlight on the people, places, and events that comprise the TGA and our mission to encourage more Texans to play more golf.

For more information about advertising opportunities, contact:

Mark Button

Director of Business Development

Phone: 214.468.8942 ext. 162