Get Into Golf

New to golf and not sure how to get started? Maybe it’s been a while since you’ve played, and you want to feel more confident going to the course again. Get Into Golf gives you all the information you need to get out, play, and love the game!

The first step in your golf journey is learning the very basics of the game.

Step two is finding the right place to get started with some lessons and there are many options.

The third and final step is getting out to play, and Texas has no shortage of groups to join or courses to play.

Get Ready!

Learning to Speak Golf
On this page is a list of key golf terms. Familiarize yourself with these because once you speak the language, everything is easier to follow.

Questions to ask the Golf Shop
• Do you have lesson programs or beginner clinics for women?

• Are these individual or group lessons? (Group lessons can be a more affordable option to getting started.)

• Inquire about days, times, and cost of individual or group lessons. Ask if they will provide golf clubs for beginners to borrow or if you’ll need to bring your own. (If you use the term “borrow,” this will let you know whether or not there is a fee to use their clubs.)

• What else should I bring to my lesson?

• Can I bring a guest?

• Do you have a dress code? (If they say appropriate golf attire is required, see below for examples of what to wear.)

Each golf course may have their own set of standards, so it’s best to ask what the appropriate attire is when you call the golf shop. Here are some dos and don’ts.

• Typical attire – collared shirts, slacks, dress shorts, golf shoes, tennis shoes, sleeveless shirts for the women as long as there is a collar, ball caps/visors turned the correct way and skorts.

• What not to wear – denim of any kind, gym shorts, skorts that are too short, ball caps backwards, tee shirts and tank tops.


Ball Mark Repair Tool
This is a handy little tool to repair the small round dent that your golf ball makes when it hits the putting green surface. Etiquette is to fix your ball mark and one more (sometimes golfers don’t fix their marks).

Ball Marker
A ball marker is used anytime you are going to pick your ball up in your hand and then replace it in the exact spot you just picked it up from. Ball markers are typically round, for example a coin or a poker chip. This action is very common the putting green, you mark your ball and pick it up then replace it when it is your turn to putt.

Flagsticks mark the hole location on the putting green. When you are getting ready to hit your ball on the putting green you need to know where the hole is located on the green surface to know where to aim. Flagsticks will typically have a colored flag, matching the golf course colors, or red, white, or blue. Theses flags are determined by the golf course.

Golf Bag
Golf bags come in all shapes and sizes. Some are super lightweight with just a pocket or two and hold your golf clubs. Some you can carry with a strap over your shoulder or across the top of your shoulders like a backpack and have a kick stand that you can use to set the bag on the ground and remove a golf club when it is time for you to hit your ball. Some are called cart bags, which are usually heavier and not really made for walking and carrying your bag. Cart bags have a lot of pockets and you can put just about anything in these, but, as the name implies, you’ll definitely want to ride in a cart and not carry them.

Start Swinging!

Golf Clubs in Your Area
Use the directory on this page to find clubs in your area. All clubs will have someone that can get you started with a lesson, and lots of clubs offer clinics for beginner golfers as well. When you call the club, tell them what you’re looking for and ask questions to make sure you find the program that’s right for you.

Group Lessons and Clinics for Beginners
Group Lessons are a great way to get started. It’s a fun environment and a chance to meet new people and share experiences with others who are just starting their golf journey.

Golf 101 – Beginners Classes for Women provided by the TGA
Fore the Ladies Clinics
Women’s PGA Beginner Clinics
Beginners Clinics with the LPGA Amateurs Groups


1. Don’t keep score.
2. Tee the ball up wherever you like.
3. Forget about a lost ball and hit a new one.
4. Feel free to pick up in the middle of a hole and just enjoy the walk.
5. Only count swings when a connection is made.
6. Share a set of clubs amongst friends.
7. Use the same club for the whole round and a putter on the green.

It’s Time to Play Some Golf!

Golf is all about having fun, so you want to make sure your early experiences on the golf course are positive ones:

• Start off by playing Par-3 courses. On a par-3 course, all the holes are par 3s — that is, usually less than 200 yards. It’s a great way to give yourself some time to get acclimated to playing a round of golf before taking on a bigger challenge.

• Play 3-, 6- or 9-holes from the forward tees on a regulation course. All golf courses will have several sets of tees, so choose the set that will make the course shorter (somewhere around 4,000-5,500 yards would be ideal).

Fun and Casual Events
When you feel comfortable being on the golf course, the events listed below are a great way to take the next step in your golf journey.
These are events where you can play a different course with your friends and meet new people who enjoy golf.

TGA Fun Golf Play Days – No need to keep score, just have a good time and enjoy the course
LPGA Amateur Groups – Casual Golf Days and more
Diamonds on the Green – Causal Play Days every month

TGA Women’s Events
TGA Women’s Events are designed to accommodate everyone who loves to play. There are a wide variety of tournament formats that appeal to a broad spectrum of players. The TGA takes great pride in organizing these events for all our members and creating an atmosphere of inclusivity. Click on the links below to learn more about each event.

The Eclectic – You literally get a do-over in the second round.
Women’s Partnership Match Play – You have a blow-up hole? Doesn’t matter, you move on and forget about that score.
Women’s Saturday Series – Grab a teammate and play in a scramble format.
Women’s Texas Pinehurst – Alternate shot. You only have to hit every other ball with your teammate.