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WHS™ 2024 Treatment of Hole(s) Not Played

What is changing about the way 10–17-hole scores are treated in 2024?

Currently, when 10 to 13 holes are played, scores made on holes 10 through 13 are disregarded and a 9-hole score is posted. When 14-17 holes are played, net par is used for the remaining holes to allow an 18-hole score to be posted.

Beginning in 2024, when a player with a Handicap Index plays 10-17 holes, a Score Differential will be created based on the holes played, and the player’s expected Score Differential for the number of remaining holes not played will be added to that value to produce an 18-hole Score Differential.

To facilitate this change, when a player plays between 10-17 holes, they will be required to post their scores hole-by-hole so the appropriate Score Differential can be calculated from the holes that were played to combine with the expected score for the holes not played.

For more information on how 10–17-hole scores will be treated for handicap purposes under the 2024 update to the World Handicap System, click here.