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WHS™ 2024 Treatment of 9-Hole Scores

How is the treatment of 9-hole scores changing under the WHS™ in 2024?

Currently, one 9-hole score must be combined with another to create an 18-hole Score Differential™ before it can be counted for handicap purposes.

Beginning in 2024, when a player posts a 9-hole score, the WHS will automatically calculate an 18-hole Score Differential for the round, based on the player’s 9-hole Score Differential and expected Score Differential based on their current Handicap Index®, allowing the 9-hole round to be considered in the player’s Handicap Index calculation right away.

As part of this change, golfers will be required to play and post all 9 holes with a valid 9-hole Course Rating™ and Slope Rating™ instead of the previous minimum of 7 holes.

For more information on how 9-hole scores will be treated for handicap purposes under the 2024 update to the World Handicap System, click here.