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On June 6, more than 50 golf Texas facilities will join in the global celebration of the many ways that women can engage with golf. Industry data shows that women are a critical demographic and represent a vibrant, growing segment of the golf population.  Women make up 24% of all golfers, but represent 1/3 of beginning and junior golfers.  With the number of people who say they are “very interested” in taking up golf at an all-time high, women will be a key force in the growth of the industry in the coming years.

“Women’s Golf Day is a great way to shine a light on all of the opportunities available for women to engage in golf. It’s powerful to know that there are women in California, Wisconsin and even Poland and Australia playing and learning golf at the same time,” said Leslie Henry. Henry is a member of the Texas Golf Association (TGA) Board of Directors and chairs the Women’s Texas Golf Association Committee (WTGAC).

The TGA is supporting Women’s Golf Day by highlighting programs offered by the 50+ TGA Member Clubs participating in the event. “We want to make it as easy as possible for Texas to join in,” said Stacy Dennis, Managing Director of Membership programs for the TGA. “The information should be accessible to every woman in Texas and simple to share with their network in order to deepen the impact Women’s Golf Day can have on the golf community.”

On June 6, the TGA will have staff members, volunteers and members of the WTGAC participating in Women’s Golf Day activities in their respective local communities. All TGA representatives will provide information about Women’s programming through the TGA, take photos and share posts to social media. According to its vision, the TGA promotes the growth of golf, “Not for the good of the game, but because the game is good.  Good for connecting people.  Good for building bridges between generations…Golf is a positive force for enriching lives.” The TGA is excited to help share that message to women all over Texas on June 6.

For complete information about Women’s Golf Day, visit TGA Member Clubs and golfers can find information about Women’s Golf Day, locate participating clubs in their local communities and find resources to help spread the word at