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League Play Entries Open

Texas League Play begins its 16th season in 2020 looking to expand the roster and attract more TGA Member Clubs that would like to join in on the fun. Last year, 56 teams in 14 conferences competed in Texas League Play, with Odessa Country Club claiming the overall title in the championship playoffs held at Horseshoe Bay Resort.
Since its inception in 2006, Texas League Play has helped to foster the appeal of interclub matches all across the state. This exciting team match play competition utilizes the Low Handicap Index established by the World Handicap System to level the playing field for competitors of all skill levels and presents TGA Member Clubs with a unique opportunity to engage with their members. The thrill golfers get out of playing for their home club in Texas League Play is an amazing way to provide high-energy fun, build camaraderie, boost club spirit and strengthen member relationships.
Registration for 2020 Texas League Play opened on Jan. 7 and will close on March 13. If your club would enjoy being part of this unforgettable golf experience and need some help getting started, please contact Neil Gilman, TGA Tournament Director and chief administrator of Texas League Play, at (214) 468-8942. For more detailed information about Texas League Play, CLICK HERE.