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Every Drop Counts

Watering With Precision and Efficiency

Irrigating golf courses with precision and efficiency has always been important in golf course maintenance because it creates better playing conditions and healthier turf for all who enjoy the game. Today’s golf course managers are taking this priority to a higher level, using a combination of high-tech innovations and simple, time-honored techniques.

“There have been rapid advances in irrigation system technology in recent years that have enhanced the ability of superintendents to more precisely manage water,” said Pat Gross, director of the USGA Green Section West Region. “The state-of-the-art irrigation system installed 20 years ago has been replaced with several generations of newer, more efficient irrigation system components and controls.”

Modern irrigation systems are amazingly complex and efficient. The central computer, pump station and each individual sprinkler are all highly integrated. Even the sprinklers themselves are technological marvels. Today’s irrigation systems often feature more than 1,000 sprinklers that the superintendent can program, operate and adjust on an individual basis.

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