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Combo Tees – The Easy Way To Update Your Course

For golf course owners and operators looking for an inexpensive way to refresh the playing experience for their members, the addition of combination tees might just be the no-hassle solution. The idea of “Combo Tees” — using two or more sets of tees to add variety to a course’s setup — is probably the easiest way to update a course. And, best of all, it’s not something that requires investing in new tee boxes or other construction projects, either.
The USGA’s Tee it Forward initiative has shown that when people play from a yardage more suitable to their age or playing ability, they have more fun. It also increases the pace of play. Combo tees make it a lot more interesting for members because they can select from a range of different yardages depending on how they feel, the weather or what clubs they may want to hit that day.
There are many ways to choose which combination of teeing areas to use. Some possibilities include switching tees on every other hole, using a different set of tees on short par- 3s, less difficult par- 5s, and/or longer par-4s. Talk to your members and find out what they want and how they would like to play the course, and we can help you give them what they want.
Creating a USGA Course and Slope Rating for a Member Club’s combo tees is a relatively simple update for the TGA to generate, as we already have the data we need on hand. It’s a quick process that involves just a few minutes with the computer to pull up all the relevant information and make the necessary adjustments. It’s important to note that the request to provide a USGA Course and Slope Rating for combo tees must come from club management and not individual golfers.
For more information or if you wish to have USGA Course and Slope Ratings for combo tees at your course, please CLICK HERE to contact Kelly Kilgo, the TGA’s Senior Director of Membership Services & Course Rating.