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Jordan Spieth’s First Lesson

(See the Instructional Video Here)

Imagine being a new golf instructor at your first big job. One of the first people who comes to your summer camp – and subsequently asks for a private lesson – is an energetic, competitive, 8-year-old boy named Jordan Spieth.   
When I met Jordan in the summer of 2002, he already was a natural athlete. He was also very mature and smart. But at that point in time, Jordan was unable to hit a draw. He was incredibly gifted and consistently hit the ball in the middle of the clubface, but he just couldn’t hit the ball from right to left like he wanted to.
The issue was sway in his backswing, which is a common swing fault by golfers of all skill levels. During his backswing, Jordan allowed his hips to slide away from the target. It caused his right ankle to lose stability, and his hands got too high in his backswing. Again, these are common faults and they lead to a left-to-right (fade) shot shape.
If you’re struggling to hit a draw – or if you’re losing too many shots high and to the right (for right-handed golfers) – then I have two tips and a drill to help you.