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In the Volunteer Spotlight: Pam Murray

Every TGA volunteer found their way to the rewarding job via different avenues. For Pam Murray, it was the Course Rating Team that drew her into giving decades of service to further the game of golf.

Murray’s family is no stranger to the sport. Her father introduced her to the game. Her two brothers are both PGA Class-A Club Professionals who recently retired in the Pacific Northwest. It wasn’t until she graduated college that Murray decided to play and truly learn the game of golf though.

“My family would always play golf together because my mom would get us out of the house,” Murray said. “I got tired of my brothers always cheating me on the golf course. They would tell me I couldn’t do this, or I couldn’t do that. So, I decided I better learn the rules.”

Murray, former President of the Women’s Texas Golf Association from 2008-10, first spent her time with the Course Rating Team from 1997-2002. In 2002, she retired and had more time to learn the Rules. This allowed her to transition into becoming a Rules official at tournaments.

The Richardson native has served in numerous capacities since 2002 for the USGA and TGA. She became a member of the USGA Women’s Committee in 2011, serving as vice-chairman from 2015-16 and then as chairman from 2017-18.

She presided over the newly created U.S. Women’s Amateur Four-Ball Committee in 2014-15 and before that the U.S. Women’s Amateur Public Links Committee in 2013-14. Murray also was a longtime member of the TGA Rules Committee.

Prior to becoming a TGA volunteer, Murray spent her working career in education. As a retired educator, she has seen that part of her profession pay dividends on the golf course.

“It helps you relate to the people you are dealing with,” Murray said.

At the top of her list of favorite memories from volunteering in golf are being able to be involved with the USGA’s inaugural 2022 U.S. Adaptive Open and helping with President Bush’s Warrior Open for five years.

Having been heavily involved in the game since 1997, Murray has seen great change over the past couple of decades.

“I see a lot more young girls and women playing golf than there were in 1997,” Murray said. “I think the TGA and what was the WTGA were very instrumental in getting a lot more women involved in the state of Texas.”

Murray estimates that she spends around 75 days of the year volunteering. She says it’s the people who bring her back. This is the same reason that a countless number of our volunteers continuously cite as their inspiration for devoting their time to the TGA.

“I’ve been lucky enough to travel around the world officiating,” Murray said. “It’s been a great experience just meeting other rules officials, players, and juniors. And watching my juniors grow up to now participate on the LPGA and PGA TOUR is special.”

The TGA thanks Pam for her countless years of service to the Association and the game of golf. If you see her at a TGA or USGA event this year make sure to say hello!