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Freisleben and Schroeder Win 2018 Texas Stableford Handicap

Kerrville – Freisleben of Montgomery and Schroeder of LaPorte win the 2018 Texas Stableford Championship finishing 9.5 points over their quota at Riverhill Country Club.

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Freisleben and Schroeder stayed atop the Nelson Flight, scoring 64 points ending 4.5 points over their final round quota. Kerry Culberson of Victoria and Keith Wenske of Victoria placed second in the Nelson flight scoring 50 points in the final round and finishing 2 points above their quota overall.

Tony Gann and Korby Keeney, both of Mansfield, scored 48 points on the day and 2.25 points under their quota to win the Crenshaw flight. They also placed second overall in the Texas Stableford being 8.25 points over their quota for the tournament. James Blanton of Arlington and James Switzer of Fort Worth finished second in the Crenshaw flight with 5.75 points above their quota.

 In the Kite Flight, Mason Standley of New Braunfels and Steve Taylor of Keller scored 46 points in their final round ending up one point over their quota to win the flight.  Finishing in second in the Kite flight are Daron Calhoun of The Woodlands and Chad Conn of Mansfield who shot an impressive 8.5 over their quota on the day to result in .5 points below their total quota.

In the Hogan Flight, John Lamey of San Antonio and Kurt Cunov of Shavano Park scored an incredible 67 being 8.5 points over their quota on the day. Lamey and Cunov won the Hogan flight handily with 7.25 points over their total quota overall.  Zac Hoerster of Fredericksburg and Blake Smith of Austin finished second, scoring 1.25 points below their quota for the final round which led them to 1.25 points over their total quota for the week.

Riverhill Country Club is a Byron Nelson-Joe Finger creation, made in 1974. It brings a challenging test of golf and has been rated in the top fifty golf courses in Texas year in and year out. Highly known for not only its scenic views, but also for Byron Nelson saying when asked which golf course he would prefer to play, “This might surprise you, but I would pick Riverhill Country Club.”

The Texas Golf Association wants to thank Riverhill Country Club for hosting the 2018 Texas Stableford Championship. Without their support this event could not be possible.